War drama “Betrayal” to hit North American Film Markets

UTRECHT – Dutch FilmWorks today released the trailer for the war film Boundless Betrayal. The story is set primarily in the northeastern Netherlands during the period leading up to Operation Amherst; an April 1945 airborne operation across Drenthe with the goal of liberating the city of Groningen. The film will have its grand premiere at the Atlas Theater in Emmen on March 27 and will be available in cinemas from March 30.

German-Dutch officer Ludwig Mengelberg, in the German army listening to the nickname “Der Fliegende Holl√§nder,” is increasingly troubled by the horrors of World War II. After a personal tragedy, he is transferred to the Netherlands and makes the drastic decision to help hide people in hiding in Drenthe. In doing so, of course, he commits high treason among his own men. When the SS becomes suspicious and the resistance advances, Mengelberg not only puts his own life at risk, but also those of the people he is trying to help.

Filming of Betrayal began in December 2019 and was completed last year with the help of director Dennis Bots (Storm Letters of Fire, War Secrets). It is a project of ZOD Film (Zuidoost Drenthe Film) in collaboration with CFX Studios; a group of young filmmakers from the Drenthe region, Van der Glas Producties and On Air Media.It is directed by Thomas Nauw after a screenplay by Peter Nillesen and Rob Camies. Peter Nillesen, who conceived the story, also plays the role of Ludwig Mengelberg. Production is in the hands of Rob Camies and Manon Huizing for ZOD Film and Anton van de Koppel for On Air Media.

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