New International Trailer for ‘Betrayal’

A pivotal choice confronts one man: his allegiance to his country or his commitment to honor. Debuting exclusively from Epic Pictures Group, the official US trailer for the World War II thriller Betrayal unfolds. Set against the backdrop of 1945 as WWII draws to a close, the narrative revolves around Ludwig Mengelberg, a German-Dutch officer in the Nazi army, stationed in the Netherlands. Transferred to this new post, Mengelberg, grappling with the atrocities of war and the loss of his family, takes a daring step. He aids a Dutch farm family in concealing individuals in hiding, committing an act of high treason against his own comrades. As suspicions rise within the SS and the resistance intensifies, Mengelberg jeopardizes not only his own life but also the lives of those he seeks to protect. The film, starring Peter Nillesen as Ludwig, along with Dirk Gunther Mohr, Kai Kolderand, Ingrid Bisschop, Berit van de Wouw, and Andreas Lessig, is lauded for its powerful and impactful portrayal. Witness the gripping narrative unfold in the new official US trailer for Dennis Bots & Thomas Nauw’s Betrayal.

Here’s the new official US trailer (+ poster) for Dennis Bots & Thomas Nauw’s Betrayal, from YouTube