Secret Piano Method

I started a piano education community without having a piano.

This week I’ve been traveling between Merida, Mexico City and The Netherlands. We were having holiday / family visit in Mexico since december. I thought about not starting my Skool community in Mexico as I didn’t have access to a piano. Also, right before leaving for Mexico in december, my MacBook screen broke and there was no time to repare at an official Apple location. (also was super expensive) With these limitations I had plenty of reason to wait. But waiting is not good.

So, with the support of my wife, I started a piano community without having a piano.

What happened suddenly – is that a friend gave me access to a beautiful theater in Merida. I was able to shoot here my lessons and get started. I couldn’t believe it. The venue is very close to the famous square in Merida and I was able to be here as long as I wanted. We brought the microphones and cameras to shoot the first lessons.

I solved the screen issue to open the back of my MacBook and placed isolation tape on the screen 16 pin screen connecter. That way, when you connect it via HDMI, it will see the HDMI output has the main (and only) screen available. So my mother-in-law had a simple 17″ inch LG monitor in her house and I could use my MacBook that way.

Have you ever noticed how things seem to align when you’re clear about your desires? It’s like the universe conspires to assist you once you’ve vocalized your intentions.

Studying in an online community – How Does It Work?
Secret Piano Method by Koen Cramer is hosted on a platform called Skool.

Skool combines online education with a community, just like in a regular school. When you enter a new class, your classmates become part of your network.

Online courses were usually hosted on platforms like Youtube, Kajabi, Teachable or Skillshare. Online communities were usually hosted on platforms like Facebook Groups, Discord, Slack or Reddit.

Right now many course creators are moving to Skool, let me try to explain why:

Studying in an online community is the future, because the community as a whole knows more than one expert. If you want – you can engage in the discussion to earn points. You can:

  • Vote on polls
  • Post a picture of your piano
  • Ask questions about exercises

The points give you access to courses. Click on Classroom to see which courses are available now.